Minutes of the meeting on 06 March 2023


The Residents’ Association for Sopwell Lane, Albert Street, Pageant Road, Hart Road, The Ryder Seed Mews Estate, Saracens Head Yard, Pearce’s Walk and Keyfield Terrace



Notes of SAPHRA Meeting held on Monday 6 March 2023 at 8pm
at the White Hart Hotel, Holywell Hill, St Albans


1.    Present:   Officials: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary

Cllr Taylor
3 residents of Sopwell Lane, 1 resident of Malthouse Court, 1 resident of Albert Street, 3 residents of Pageant Road, 2 residents of Saracens Head Yard, 1 resident of Hart Road

2.    Apologies for absence:   Cllr White, 3 residents

SAPHRA member, Phil Fletcher, sadly died 10 February 2023. A Memorial will be held on Sunday 2 April 2023 at St Luke’s Church, Cell Barnes Lane, St Albans, AL1 5QJ at 2pm.


3.    The main subjects discussed at the meeting were:


  • Finances and bank account:
    The balance in our account with Metro Bank currently stands at £361.28. In addition, we have been promised, but have not yet received, a grant of £100.00 from St Albans District Council. A senior SADC officer is investigating this.
  • St Albans District Council City Neighbourhoods Committee:

The CNC last met on 2 February 2023.Subjects covered were:

Update from BID, Solar Together, Playing Out, Budget 2023-2024, Allotment charges, EV charging update, Conservation Group TOR.

CNC decided to use £40k of accumulated funds to cover the cost of continuing to use the running track pavilion for 12 months.

CNC members have been sent an early draft of the City Vision part of the Local Plan (9 pages)

Cllr White plus a couple of senior officers met with Residents Associations on 7 March 2023. This meeting proved to be very beneficial and is to be repeated every 2 months.

Next CNC meeting will be 15 March 2023

  • Combined Central Residents Associations:
    SAPHRA is a member of this group which meets regularly. It provides a useful forum for exchanging news and views with other RAs and for co-ordinating their approach to CNC.
    Next CCRA meeting will be 13 March 2023.
  • The green oasis in Sopwell Lane:
    Cllr Taylor will apply for £1,900 of CNC local budget to erect a low level timber barrier along the opening to the green oasis site.

    A blog has been posted, re the green oasis project, by Annie at:

    An evergreen shrub and a plaque will be purchased with £50 from SAPHRA funds as a memorial for Phil Fletcher who sadly passed away 10 February 2023. He was a keen and passionate advocate of Green projects.
  •  On-street parking and the proposed pinch-point in Sopwell Lane:
    This item has been on tour agenda since February 2015. We are waiting for Council officers to propose improvements to parking in Zones M and N. The start of this work has been much delayed, but we are assured that it will begin soon.

    Parking infringements in Keyfield Terrace continue, with the drivers of a few vehicles gaming the parking enforcement process. Cllr Taylor advised that some changes are planned to help resolve these issues.
  • St Albans District Council has a new eco-friendly Car Parking Strategy. You can view the strategy through this link:



4.    Date of next meeting

  • SAPHRA’s next meeting will be held on Tuesday 16 May 2023 at 8pm in the first-floor meeting room (Resident’s Lounge) in The White Hart Hotel, 23-25 Holywell Hill, St Albans, AL1 1EZ.



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