Minutes of the meeting on 01 March 2010

1 Present: Roger Morton, Pam Johnson, Richard Barran, Alison Shipperlee, Bernadette Blade and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Michael Green and Simon McKay.

3 Minutes of last meeting: Accepted

4 Finance: No change

5 Neighbourhood Watch: An invitation to attend a 4 to 5 weekly police meeting will be taken on by Katie Barron. Pam is still receiving the e-mails from the Neighbourhood Watch.

6 Environment: There was further concern about the Garibaldi when a ladies night was licensed to continue until 2am. The main trouble was created by the noise of those in the garden late at night. Apparently a licence for a late night event can be applied for monthly. It was suggested that the noise abatement officer should be advised at the time.

The Herts Highways have agreed to replace the patchwork pavements sometime.

The gritting bins have not been replenished.

One of the street lights in Albert Street is not functioning properly. This to be reported to the appropriate authority.

7 4 RSM: No further information since last meeting

8 Any other business: Bernadette is concerned about a car parked on the open space in front of her house. It has been there for a while without a licence. Apparently the White Lion thinks it is their property, which is incorrect. After much discussion it must be crown land. It is suggested that Council should be requested to remove this vehicle.

9 Next meeting: May 10th 2010