Minutes of the meeting on 14 July 2014

1 Present: Roger Morton, Avril Allen, Katie Barron, Alison Shipperlee, Angela King, Darryl Stannard, Bernadette Blade, David Sillitoe, Alec Campbell and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence:  Charles Davies, Linda Mathewsman , Richard Barran and Mary Plackett

3 Minutes of last meeting:  Agreed.

4 Matters arising: Nil

5 Finance:  No change.

6 Neighbourhood Watch: Shirley Anderson is leaving the area. A volunteer is needed for this position. Roger will supply a neighbourhood watch window sticker for Darryl. Short term lets in Albert Street. At times the inhabitants can be rowdy and cause some disturbance. 

7 Environment:  The manhole cover at bottom end of Albert Street was missed out and needs attention. Some of the signs were left after road repairs need removing. Gutters need attention in Albert Street and Sopwell Lane. Could Alex Campbell please find out from Council whose responsibility it is? 20mph speed limit in Albert Street is likely to occur. Police can supply hand-held speed devices. Can it be arranged that Sopwell Lane be designated as unsuitable short cut for lorries.
Albert Street car parks need maintenance. Can NCP please be advised?  The Keyfield Terrace car park needs to be available for short-term parking? 

8 City Neighbourhood Committee: Roger attended a meeting for discussion of District Development Plan.

9 Any other business:  It is suggested that the barbecue be on 14th September for 3.00pm. at The White Hart Tap

10 Next meeting  AGM 15th September