Minutes of the meeting on 13 January 2014

1 Present: Roger Morton, Richard Barran, Charles Davies, Avril Allen, Elizabeth Barber, Bernadette Blade, Angela King, Shirley Anderson, Pam Johnson and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Alison Shipperlee, Katie Baron and Linda Mathewsman.

3 Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as correct except for Alison read Shirley.

4 Matters arising: Housing grant of £100 has now been received.

5 Neighbourhood Watch:  Nil to report.  It was suggested that Neighbourhood Watch notices for windows be obtained and given to each house without one.

6 City neighbourhood committee. Roger attended. Consultation re new car parking strategy.

6 Environment: No further development from Chris White re Sopwell Lane heavy lorry problem. Request Chris to arrange meeting with Councillors as he suggested.
Paving in area needs attention and gulley in Albert Street needs repair. No action yet on patio in front of Pearces Walk.

7 Finances: The fund has £342.

8 Christmas Dinner: The Hare and Hounds were welcoming and produced a good meal.

9 Any other business:
Richard is having some difficulties with he web site and hopes to take it over.
Elizabeth Barber from Albany Court would appreciate liaising with us for Neighbourhood matters.
Shirley is happy with this arrangement.

10 Next meeting: 10h March 2014