Minutes of the meeting on 05 September 2011

1 Present: Roger Morton, Janet Penney, Avril Allen, Elizabeth Barber, Bernadette Blade, Katie Barron, Audrey Thurston, David Sillitoe, Pam Johnson and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Linda Mathewsman and Richard Barran

3 Finances: account stands at £414.40. £80 is due for last year’s Bouncy castle ">and a further amount for this year. No further subs needed for this year. 4 Election of officers: No change from last year and re elected

Chairman: Roger Morton
Vice Chairman: David Sillitoe
Treasurer: Richard Barran
Neighbourhood Watch: Katie Barron
Environment: Eric Thurston
Secretary: Eric Thurston

5 Neighbourhood Watch: The emails are now going to Katie
Elizabeth has volunteered to attend the local meetings.
Eric reported that he still has stones thrown at his rear window, which has been reported to the police. He has not had any acknowledgement from them.

6 Environment: The area at edge of RSM in Albert Street is, apparently, used by the RSM flats for rubbish and is being collected.
There is a notice on the Keyfield terrace – Old London road corner that a double yellow line is to be painted there to prevent dangerous parking on the corner.
No further news about 4 Ryder Seed Mews enforcement order although the property has recently been occupied.

7 Any other business: Barbecue-Unfortunately the weather was unkind on this occasion. However barbecue food was served inside to about 8 of us. The weather improved in the evening and some children played on the bouncy castle. Regrettably it was too wet for the bell ringing. Other suggestions for a streets get-together were mentioned. This could be discussed at the next meeting.
The Christmas dinner was confirmed for 9th December. Pease let Eric know if you will be attending by 21st November.
Pam was concerned about the tree just outside the Ryder Seed Mews gates. Eric will get that looked at.

8 Next meeting: 14th November 2011