Minutes of the meeting on 09 September 2013

1 Present: Roger Morton, Angela King, Mary Plackett, Charles Davies, Richard Barran, David Sillitoe and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Bernadette Blade, Linda Mathewsman and Katie Barron.

3 Annual accounts: Agreed. Total assets are £242.42.

4 Election of officers:

Chairman Roger Morton
Vice chairman David Sillitoe
Treasurer Richard Barran
Neighbourhood Watch Shirley Anderson
Environment Eric Thurston
Secretary Eric Thurston

5 Minutes of last meeting. Accepted

6 Matters arising: City Neighbourhood Committee. It is SAPHRA that is now co-opted

7 Neighbourhood Watch: E-mails are regularly received and forwarded by Shirley.

It is not considered that any expansion of the area covered by SAPHRA is needed.

8 SAPHRA Constitution: This was agreed unanimously>

9 Commissioners Community Fund: No suggestions for any project put forward.

10 Environment: More damage to cars by lorries in Sopwell Lane. It is advisable that the damage and time should be noted so that it can be reported.

The front of Pearces Walk Has a dead tree and badly in need of clearing up.

11 Housing development grant. As we are eligible for this , Roger will put in a request.

12 Christmas Market: This was noted.

13 Any other business: Christmas dinner was discussed. The White Hart Hotel was suggested as a venue. Date suggested Thursday 5th December. Roger and Eric will investigate.

14 Next meeting 11th November