Minutes of the meeting on 13 May 2013

1 Present: Roger Morton, Charles Davies, Richard Barran, Angela King, Avril Allen, Shirley Anderson, Liz Thorp, Bernadette Blade, David Sillitoe and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Pam Johnson, Linda Mathewsman, Katie Barron.

3 Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as correct.

4 Matters arising: Nil

5 Finances: The balance is £322.42

6 Neighbourhood Watch: It was suggested that a house-to-house call should be made to obtain email addresses. Considered not necessary as we have plenty already.

7 Environment: The Albert Street pavement still awaits repair. No meeting has yet been arranged re Sopwell Lane.

The alcove in Albert Street is still being used for dumping purple bags; they are not just put out on rubbish collection days.

8 SAPHRA Constitution: The proposed constitution was discussed and agreed to put to the next AGM for adoption.

9 City Forum: To be taken over by City Neighbourhood committee. Attached is terms of reference for this.

10 Peer Review: Report still awaited.

11 Drinks get together: A barbecue was suggested for 5.00pm at the White Hart Tap on 14th July. Roger agreed to investigate.

12 Next meeting: 15th July 2013