Minutes of the meeting on 11 March 2013

1 Present: Roger Morton, Angela King, Mary Plackett, Avril Allen, Charles Davis, Shirley Anderson, Pam Johnson, Katie Barron, David Sillitoe, Chris White, and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Nicky Lund, Alison Shipperlee, Alicia Grimes, Michael Green , Linda Mathewsman and Richard Barran.

3 Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as correct.

4 Matters arising: The missing kerbstones in Albert Street has been reported and is being looked into for appropriate replacement

5 Finances: Nothing to report.

6 Neighbourhood Watch: There was nil directly of concern to SAPHRA. Shirley is now on the list for getting Owl information’

7 Environment: The damage done to cars and property in Sopwell Lane caused by heavy lorries using it was reported. As the police can take no action, Proper signage is needed to try and prevent this. Chris White suggested we request a meeting with a Council Officer to discuss this situation. It was also considered that Old London Road is inappropriate for use by these lorries.

The Albert Street and Keyfield Terrace corner can be blocked for adequate view. At least two accidents have been reported here. This could also be discussed with Council Officer.

By the corner of Ryder Seed Mews in Albert Street there is an “alcove” where rubbish is deposited. In spite of two requests it has not been collected. To ask Michael if he could look into it.

8 City forum: This will be taken over by the City Neighbourhood committee. The terms of reference of this were sent to all in a previous email.

9 Constitution: SAPHRA will require a constitution to be a member of this. Roger has produced a draft for this, to be discussed at our next meeting.

10 Peer review challenge: Roger will inform all when the next one is to be held. Please inform him if you wish to attend.

11 Any other business: Katie produced a ”transition leaflet” for neighbours to join in conservation and economy measures. The general opinion was that the leaflet was not the best method of approach.

It was suggested that a further drinks get together be held in July. To be discussed at the next meeting.

12 Next meeting: 13th May 2013