Minutes of the meeting on 14 January 2013

1 Present: Roger Morton, Richard Barran, Avril Allen, Charles Davies, Shirley Anderson, David Sillitoe, Pam Johnson, Linda Mathewaman and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Michael Green and Katie Barron.

3 Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as correct.

4 Finances: Fund is £342.42 with £20 still to be paid for printing of leaflet

5 Neighbourhood Watch: Little of much interest at last meeting. Owl on-line community message board has now been established.

6 Environment: Pothole in Pageant Road has been reported. Action is awaited.

The keep well, stay warm leaflet to be requested and distributed to households.

Roger and friend were able to obtain a sackful of bulbs from the Council and planted them around the front of the Keyfield car park . Well done and thanks to both.

The recycling collection as causing concern, particularly due to glass when pieces of bottles broken down by the collectors are left on the pavement and in the road. Often any spillage of other material is left and not picked up.

In Albert Street the kerb stones beside the Ryder Seed Mews and the Café Rouge are broken and need attention.

7 Replacement of City Forum: By new City Neighbourhood Committee that is chaired by Michael Green. Support was expressed for this Committee and its terms of reference. Roger has attended a meeting and the next meeting is on Thursday 31st January, that either Richard or David will attend

8 Christmas Dinner: It was felt that the ambience was good but the food was no more tan ordinary.

9 Drinks tomorrow : 8.00pm t the Hare and Hounds.

10 Any other business: A planning application for Dolphin Yard. It may affect the aspect of Saracens Head Yard. An error was noted in the AGM minutes of 10/9/12. Elected chairman should read Roger Morton.

11 Next meeting: 11th March 2013