Minutes of the meeting on 10 September 2012

1 Present: Roger Morton, Charles Davies, Bernadette Blade, Avril Allen, Audrey Thurston, Monty Clifford, Shirley Anderson, Richard Barran, Elizabeth Barber, Michael Green, David Sillitoe and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Linda Mathewsman, Pam Johnson and Katie Barron.

3Annual Accounts: These stand at £560, of which £200 has been received to buy a grit bin.

4 Election of officers

Chairman: Roger Mortimer
Vice-chairman: David Sillitoe
Treasurer: Richard Barran
Neighbourhood watch: Shirley Anderson
Environment: Eric Thurston
Secretary: Eric Thurston

5 Neighbourhood Watch: Shirley is taking over from Katie

6 Environment: Roger will get grit bin but to see Garibaldi re place to put it.

4 RSM has been re-instated as required by Council. Chris White is following up repair of potholes. Street lights in Pageant Road are being turned off at 8.00pm. Michael will take this up.

7 Any other business: St Albans City Forum. This forum is currently a sub-committee of the District Council to which representatives of interested groups are invited to attend. There is a proposal to expand it's role so that St Albans City (excluding the remainder of the district) can have a representative group that will have a similar function to a parish council. Thus the residents of St Albans alone would be able to make decisions for the City. There would be a budget for the forum carved out of existing District Council allocations (i.e. no new money).. Anyone wishing to attend these meetings?

"Richard suggested making some changes to the website in order to make it easier for other members of the association to update the website."
The 20mph speed limit for Albert Street is progressing.
Barbecue was well attended, as fortunately it was a fine day, in spite of there being no newsletter.

The wall at top of Sopwell Lane is under repair.
The suggested date for the SAPHRA Christmas dinner is Thursday 6th December at the Comfort Hotel.
Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 8.00pm for drinks at the Hare and Hounds.

8 Next meeting: Monday 12th November.