Minutes of the meeting on 16 July 2012

1 Present: David Sillitoe (acting chairman), Avril Allen, Alison Jarvis, Sandra Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Bernadette Blade, Charles Davies, Elspeth Swain, Oliver Crudgington, Katie,Barron, and Eric Thurston.

2 Apologies for absence: Roger Morton and Pam Johnson.

3 Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as correct.

4 Finances: Has the £200 for the grit bin been received?

5 Neighbourhood Watch: Beware of phone calls re credit cards, banks etc. There is a meeting on 7th August that Katie is unable to attend. Any volunteers?

6 Environment: Rubbish sacks left outside Malthouse Court, both unhygienic and unsightly. Rubbish dumped at the back of the White Hart is causing concern. A letter to ask them to deal with it.

Reported potholes have still not been repaired.
There has been some further trouble at The Goat. It is hoped that this will be settled without further action needed.

There has been loud music at the Garibaldi It is advisable to keep notes of the causes and tin and times of them. There is an out of hours telephone no to ring 18000300 to report at the time. If this is not available try the hotline 07770701720.

7: Any other business: It was agreed that we should continue with the barbecue this year, but without the bouncy castle. The suggested date to be 9th September with the AGM on the following day. Oliver is prepared to sponsor and print the newsletter that Alison Jarvis has volunteered to write.

8: Next meeting: AGM 10th September 2012