History of our neighbourhood

On this page we will collect images and stories about our neighbourhood.

First, a link to another website with a picture of the back of the White Hart, c1910.

Local resident Richard Hawkins submitted a photo of Albert Street, along with the following description:

“I'm not sure when this was taken (in the 60's at a guess), but it shows part of the house which has made way for what is now Pearces Walk, and what is now both the "upper" & "lower" car parks.
You also may note that the road had no double yellow lines, no "chicanes", parking on the pavement wasn't a sin, and was indeed 2 way traffic
Albert Street, and Sopwell Lane were reckoned to be the grubbiest streets in St Albans, as you may recall from your early GP days!!
I think number 72 (the one with the green hedge in the photo) was the last house in St Albans to get electricity laid on. 
A lady called Eva lived there and was about 90 years old at the time.”